Koukan Gallery

23.April -5.May

Tamed Curls

Fine Arts combined with Applied Designs in one exhibition. Sculptural with functional, which I always liked to keep apart.

However there is a persistent pattern in my work over the course of the last 20 years that has a systematic quality. The tangible object often turned out as an organic shape held in place, like freezing the movement - tamed curls, jewelry cascades or quietly rolling hills, cable crochet, static medusae, wearable conches... in a figurative and literal sense.

My work is not restricted to any particular material, medium, or process. As a generalist I use whatever serves the idea or fits the concept, from craftwork over ready-mades to engineered design.

I like to play with the original intention of common objects or shapes, twisting their preconceived connotation to create new things. Irony and discordance are driving forces in dismantling an image, aesthetics and contextual meaning are the constraints in reassembling it.

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