‘Running Away With It’

Installation, flowing sand & golden fungi

Hornsey Town Hall 2015

Trickling sand represents the passage of time, like an oversize hourglass. The sight and sound of flowing sand create an audio-visual metaphor for the limited time of the building. Time is running out.

Sand also symbolises the building itself, which has suffered exquisite neglect over the years and is dissolving. The golden fungi growing on the marble and the thin tubes that connect them, do blend in well with the architectural style, yet they are another sign for the decay and stress of the building. This decay did not come cheaply, the cost of keeping the building in this state has been high.

Horizontal lines dominate the building, typical for 1930’s architecture, broken by only a few prominent vertical elements: The impressive rectangular tower at the junction of the L-shaped architecture and the two black marble columns that carry the staircase. Both lead the viewers gaze upwards.

Installing my piece vertically along the marble columns, I emphasise this effect, connecting the core space on all floor levels. The work also benefits from the hard acoustics in the foyer and stairway area: the sound of flowing sand, briefly caught in aluminium trays on both pillars before continuing it’s cascade, creates an intense white noise and stereo effect. The columns provide the structural frame to install the fungi shaped trays and the thin metal tubes sitting snugly in the marble grooves.

I like to transform objects and spaces into aesthetic experiments, to challenge the way we experience our surrounds.

‘Run away with it’ - take your own bit of the town hall now with you, before its gone completely! (Please use sachets and spades outside)

Constanze Schweda

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