The Toddler

‘Teetering on the brink of the abyss’ is a suitable metaphor for Britain’s state after the decision to leave the EU. Few people really believed that the referendum result, a snapshot of the mood of the British people at the time, would trigger the exit from the world’s most prosperous club.

Like children, Leave voters were led to believe the fairytale of a reborn Britain, fuelled by anxiety over immigration and nationalist ideas of sovereignty. Put on your Union Jack shorts and take the plunge!

The Brexit diver on top of a Victorian house, built at a time when Britain’s Empire was flourishing, a toddler at dizzying heights with no safety net below, is symbolic for the sullen, self-destructive attitude and the neck breaking process that is ahead.

The installation was part of space36 in 2017, a collection of site responsive artworks of resident artists over 4 months period

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